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Work Orientation & Placement

Work Experience Placement in Ireland is organised by E.C.E., taking in to consideration the objectives of the training programme made for the beneficiary.

Before the arrival of the beneficiaries in Ireland and/or during the language course, E.C.E. identifies the area of employment which could match candidates’ own interests, preferences, capabilities and personality.

A work-placement recruitment process is organised by E.C.E. and candidates may be asked to participate in one or more selection procedures (telephone interview, face-to-face meeting, interview tests etc.). The aim of the recruitment process is to ensure the hosting company understands candidates’ competences, career goals, aspirations, motivations, level of English, personality etc.

Trainee’s tasks will be in relation to his/her education, vocational training, English level; professional experiences, mentality, attitude, personality, flexibility, capabilities, others; Working days and hours are according to national legislation.

The training programme is established on the basis of an agreement between E.C.E. and the Host Company which include the planned training steps for the trainee;