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Language Course

E.C.E. organises an English language course for the duration of some weeks, in an institution, which devises a teaching plan in accordance with the candidate’s training needs. This language programme is a short and intensive course designed for people who need to improve their English language level before starting a training experience in Ireland.

In order to determine the level of the candidates English, tests will be given within the language course.

This flexible general English course is designed to improve people’s English Language proficiency for use in everyday situations both in the social life and in the work-environment. Courses are suitable for candidates of all levels from Elementary to Advanced. Class discussion, role-play, presentations, individual, pair and group activities are all used to provide a dynamic and varied learning experience.

Candidates will attend the language course of the stated planned hours every day from Monday until Friday; (20 hours per week tuition);

Our organisation provides all the study material for the candidates.