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Usually E.C.E. attends all selection meetings taking place in the country of the sending organisation, working with its hosts to ensure that candidates are highly motivated and possess the practical and intellectual knowledge required for the programme.

A range of criteria is used to assess candidates. Candidates must meet the minimum requirements outlined in the section on entrance requirements provided by E.C.E. and/or the sending organization. No offers are made without applicants attending an interview.

When applications are received, they are assessed to make sure that candidates fulfill the minimum requirements. Candidates must:

  • Be highly motivated;
  • Have the maturity, the practical and intellectual knowledge required for the programme;
  • Be well informed about the professional training programme in Ireland;
  • Complete a required application form and documents;

Candidates who do not put enough effort in the proposal and/or fulfill the above requirements will be rejected without interview.

The selection panel is comprised of mobility project expert/s with experience in the admissions process, who will decide whether to offer the candidate an opportunity to be a beneficiary of a mobility program. The interview includes time for the panel to make its decision. These decisions are ratified by E.C.E.

The interview is not intended to be an intimidating experience and E.C.E. will try to put candidates at ease while evaluating the following:

  • Motivation and realistic approach to a mobility project as a own career path;
  • Capacity to deal in a foreign country;
  • Flexibility; adaptability to the changes;
  • Ability to multitask;
  • Communication skills, and maturity of character;

There will be three possible outcomes as a result of the interview:

  • An offer to obtain experience abroad;
  • Waiting list – candidates who are unplaced elsewhere may be reconsidered;
  • Rejection

Candidates should normally receive a response from the sending organization within few days/weeks of interview.