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E.C.E. considers the training programme in Ireland as an opportunity for the beneficiary to develop professional skills, a linguistic level, emotional skills, social skills and cultural knowledge.

E.C.E. is in a position to find work placements for specific target groups:

  • Students;
  • College / University leavers;
  • Unemployed;
  • People who for personal reasons / professional choice need to increase their knowledge and develop their skills.

E.C.E.’s attention is particularly directed towards young people who have:

  • a high level of motivation for undertaking a professional training experience in a foreign country which provide an opportunity to achieve personal and professional goals;
  • Intellectual capabilities which will allow him/her to follow an educational and professional training programme;
  • Dynamic and pro-active personality to be able to -after a period of adaptation – feel comfortable within a different way of life;

While E.C.E. tries to put any effort into finding secure opportunities of professional enrichment in Ireland for a while range of individuals, some candidates may not be suited to be a beneficiary of a Mobility project organised by E.C.E. as the following:

  • A candidate who has severe learning and/ or psychological and /or physical difficulties: Personnel, tutors, mentors, service providers nominated by E.C.E. are on hand to provide assistance to those candidates with limited difficulties but our organisation, its personnel, nominated tutors / mentors / service providers don’t have the facilities for extreme cases;
  • A candidate who is uneasy with the compromises and rules necessary for a responsible life in a foreigner community; E.C.E. organisation has a strict disciplinary code which must be understood and adhered to by the beneficiary;
  • Anyone who has any drug habit, in whatever form;
  • Anyone who has been previously convicted of criminal offences;

E.C.E. is a strong believer in equality and has always welcomed the same number of male / female participants.

E.C.E. does not discriminate in its admissions and organizational practices on the basis of factors such as race, sex, sexual orientation, age, color, religion or regional origin.