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E.C.E. is an Irish organisation, founded thanks to the desire of some professionals who have significant experience within the human resource environment, that promote and carry out professional training projects for foreign people in Ireland.

The main objective of E.C.E. is to help young people to understand and optimise new innovations in the labour market, turning them into skills which will improve their professional qualities. E.C.E.’s professional and experienced team of dedicated workers are there to provide guidance and support to provide trainees and organisations with contracts in any required sector.

As a leader in managing educational and professional mobility training projects to a wide range of people, E.C.E.‘s role is to achieve excellence by building synergy between those who learn and those who teach/train, by proactively anticipating and meeting the changing needs of twenty-first century young people as well as businesses, and by actively participating in the full educational path of youth.

Management Operations
E.C.E. provides educational and training’s organizational services, solutions and advice through its direct and indirect personnel, agents, local partners, companies and many others.

E.C.E. was founded in 2001 by some professional educational trainers with a vision of raising the bar of excellence in the European professional Training programmes.  E.C.E. was created to be different.

Many agencies – offering a hosting organisation service – failed to deliver on the most basic aspect of consulting: dedicated and specialised mobility project trainers/assessors.

We provide tailor-made solutions for educational and training organisations involved in managing the mobility projects for their students / beneficiaries. E.C.E. receives candidates both from EU Training Programmes (i.e.  Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, others) and from Private & Public Education Training Programmes planned by various Schools, Institutes, Universities, Training Organisations, City and County Halls, Banks, others.

Our success is maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our consulting and management teams.  We invest heavily in keeping high quality procedures, in training our staff, which has given us one of the best skilled and expert teams in the sector.

Our company management maintain a level of customer satisfaction rarely matched.

When E.C.E. is brought in for a project, we are able to provide to our sending organisation partners and their beneficiaries the service and attention expected.