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The professional work-experience abroad is a temporary insertion into the working world, aimed at giving vocational guidance or the acquisition of practical training experience. This is an opportunity for young people both to widen their professional knowledge and/or to complete their scholastic/university education with a period of practical and direct experience in the productive world. Not only. To live in a hosting country also can train the youth to mature his/her “personality” in terms of self-awareness, interrelation with others, freedom and responsibility and to develop social, cultural capital.

Most of the educational trainers and international company’s managers view personal training mobility projects abroad as a vital investment in human resources, which is seen as one of the keys to successfully meeting the economic, social and cultural challenges of the future.

It is seen to foster improvement in the understanding of other foreigner societies and cultures; to enhance the social skills of individuals, who learn how to communicate and live within those societies and to respect diversity; to encourage broader acquisition of linguistic skills; and to contribute to the development of the concept of a global citizenship.


A training experience in a company is equally positive for those who are unemployed and provides a real opportunity in which to make contacts with technological and productive innovations, with the aim of integrating themselves into the working world. In times of opened frontiers, mobility and global economy, trans-national professional training becomes an indispensable step in order to be competitive in the labour market.