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The goal of training a person is to teach skills and abilities. The desired outcome of the training process is that the learner is sufficiently skilled to effectively equip him/herself to enter the labour market which is becoming international and therefore more competitive. Although each beneficiary’s personal goals will have their unique aspects, the following goals will be mostly achieved by the individual in Ireland:

  • To develop / practise the English Business Language, Interaction, Correspondence, Presentation;
  • To practise ones educational and professional skills (hard skills );
  • To develop ones professional mentality;
  • To develop emotional skills (soft skills);
  • To increase their own personal experiences;
  • To prepare one for mobility in various fields or geographic areas;
  • To learn about different cultures, traditions;
  • To consider oneself as a citizen immersed in a global environment.

E.C.E. states clearly that the preferred project length varies from 12 to 24 weeks. This is a time span which is favourable both to rapid linguistic development and to a highly and intensified and beneficial training period.